Summer Weaver

“Lifestyle Integrations is the best home automation company around…”

We have worked with several integrators in the past but none can compare to them. They have taken care of all of our technology needs.

With home automation a “system” is only as good as the owner who handles it. You could have the most elite system but without being able to handle it; it won’t operate… Lifestyle Integrations makes certain that not only the equipment and installation are state of the art; but also that the owner(s) are trained to handle it; that even the most complex system will be operable for any novice. This saves so much time, money and frustration.

They have set up numerous systems in our home from simple to whole house automation. All of the systems they have installed for us use just one remote. Their vast knowledge of technological solutions is sophisticated and impressive. Every installer & programming engineer they employ are highly professional and considerably capable. Every guest who utilizes our equipment, are impressed with the systems in place and how streamlined everything is; yet Randy and team always work to integrate what we have already and never “sell us what we don’t need”. They don’t need to. Their customers will be with them for life.